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Greenhouse Shutter Fan Ventilation System

Maintain consistent greenhouse temperatures with a thermostatically controlled shutter fan. Simply set the temperature the fan should run at and the system will do the rest! Includes motorized intake shutter to draw in fresh air. Mounts into the wall of your greenhouse. 12-inch size. Non-motorized intake shutter is also available; both include thermostat.

Shutter Fan Exhaust Specifications:
Performance -- 760 Cubic Feet per Minute

Motor -- 1/30 Horsepower, 115 Volts, 1550 RPM, 1.9 Amps

Coverage -- Up to 10ft by 20ft greenhouse

Greenhouse Shutter Fan Systems
Motorized Shutter Fan $451.00

Free Shipping on any orders $75 or more

Non-Motorized Shutter Fan $358.00

Free Shipping on any orders $75 or more


*Shipping costs are calculated for orders shipped within the lower 48 states. If order is being shipped to anywhere other than the lower 48 states, additional shipping costs may apply. Contact our Customer Service Help Desk for questions.