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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a RION greenhouse?

Rion Greenhouses are the most durable, and best-designed greenhouse on the market. They have extremely sturdy, durable frames, they are modular and expandable, and they have lots of headroom. In addition, the exceptionally attractive structure with its dark green or white color frame makes it a great asset to any home or garden. It is the easiest greenhouse unit to assemble, the best insulated product in its class, and above all it is the best value for your money--professional quality at a hobbyist price.

How strong is the Rion greenhouse?

Europe's standards are higher than those in the US, and the TUV Europe testing lab which is equivalent to UL has tested the product and certified it as being strong and safe. We have a photo of a RION greenhouse buried under 23 inches of snow. The incredible strength of the greenhouse comes from its excellent engineering and the high quality of plastics used.

How much wind can the Rion greenhouse withstand?

Much depends on the location and what sort of wind velocity your region can get. We do know from customers that the units have withstood wind gusts of up to 80 mph winds without damage. Even in very bad windstorms, the worst that can happen to your greenhouse is that some of the polycarbonate panels are blown out which are very easy to replace. (Hint-mark your panels so that, if this should happen, you know which way they go back on the greenhouse with the UV coated side facing outwards.

What is their snow load capacity?

The load capacity is roughly 1,100 lbs. We have seen them with as much as 23" of snow. Never the less, we do recommend that you brush the snow off the roof whenever it gets over a foot.

What is translucent twin-wall polycarbonate?

Translucent twin-wall polycarbonate is a perfect material for greenhouse panels. It is made of light-weight yet extremely strong and impact-resistant plastic. Our translucent panels transmit approximately 70-75% of diffused sunlight, which is ideal for plant growth. The twin-wall design insulates the greenhouse via trapped air in the panels and helps keep heating costs low when the weather gets cold.

How does the greenhouse ship to me?

The greenhouse is usually shipped via Fedex Ground ­ in 3 or more manageable-sized boxes (the exact number of boxes depends on the size of your greenhouse).

Rion Greenhouses generally ship within 1 - 2 weeks (based on current availability).

Do you ship greenhouses to Canada?

Answer: Yes. We are the largest distributor of Rion Greenhouses in North America, and will definitely ship to Canada. Please call us for details, or you may also view our Canadian specific website Canada Greenhouses (

Do you ship greenhouses to Hawaii or Alaska?

Answer: Yes. We ship greenhouses to Hawaii and Alaska, although there will be additional shipping costs that must be paid for by the purchaser. Please call us for details and to make shipping arrangements.

Where should I locate my greenhouse?

Answer: The selection of a site involves taking into consideration three importantly factors: 1) the most desirable location should be shaded by deciduous tree(s) or lacking shade draped with an external shade cloth over the greenhouse which is attached to the foundation; 2) the site should also be sheltered from the wind by a tree(s) or some other barrier; 3) the site should be level and allow for good drainage.

How do I secure the greenhouse?

Answer: The greenhouse should ideally be attached to some sort of foundation, in order to keep it secure, and it should be preferably something heavy/solid. See your assembly instructions on page 4, which offers three different foundation options.

Do I need to buy your base kit? (Click here for base kit video clip)

Answer: If you plan on installing your greenhouse directly on dirt (which is the preferred method of installation) we encourage you to purchase our base kit. Some people prefer to build their own base using 4" x 6" treated lumber. Be aware that wood can warp over time and will likely tweak your greenhouse causing your windows and doors to not function properly. We feel that the base kit we offer on our website is your best option. This base is made of heavy-duty plastic with a honeycomb like design and it is closed U-shaped. When the base is filled with dirt, it will not move. Areas with High Wind may require additional stakes or concrete footers.

Should I build a concrete pad?

Answer: We personally do not recommend putting your greenhouse on a concrete slab, due to the possibility of drainage problems creating wet, slippery floors and, worse, frozen floors in the winter. Concrete also tends to hold onto extreme heat and extreme cold. We suggest that you instead have free draining floor using mulch, straw or pebble stone, or even just dirt (put flag stone etc. in the middle for a path).

You say it is easy to assemble, but how easy it is really?

Answer: The RION greenhouse was engineered very carefully to allow for easy assembly, and compared to other greenhouses on the market, it is much easier to put together. The structure is erected using a "Push and Fit" system, (the parts simply slide together) and virtually no tools are required ­ except for the base assembly.

I purchased a louver window accessory, where does it go?

Answer: The window goes on the back wall ­ of the greenhouse, which can handle up two units (instead of the PN9 windows). They can be installed later, after the assembly has been completed.

I need spare parts for my Rion Greenhouse. Do you supply parts?

Answer: Yes, we carry spare parts for both warranty replacement and for sale. Please call us for details.

Who is charging my credit card? is a subsidiary of Backyard Living Source. When you purchase products from this site Backyard Living Source will appear on your bank statement. If you have any concerns or questions please contact our customer service at: 866-448-8229 or email us through our customer service form here.

I tried to place a credit card order but was declined because of "error 2". What is this?

An "error 2" code means that your transaction was declined due to a bank preset transaction limit on your credit card. What typically happens when this error occurs is that the credit card issuer has a preset limit on your account for a single transaction (such as $1000 or $2000 per transaction). When a transaction larger than the preset limit is attempted the order is declined.

To resolve this you simply need to call your credit card issuer/bank and ask them to approve the transaction and/or raise your transaction limit. They usually have no problem doing this and it is a fairly quick and simple process. Once they have done that we can run the transaction again. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to call us at our toll-free number 1-866-448-8229.

I'm purchasing a greenhouse for a school. What payment methods do you offer?

In order to help facilitate greenhouse purchases by Public Institutions (schools, universities, colleges, and other goverment agencies) is now offering 30-day terms without any pre-approval of credit. All we need is a valid purchase order, and your order will be processed once that has been received.

You may fax your authorized purchase order to 208-898-9518, or mail it to:
Backyard Living Source, Inc.
9543 W. Emerald Way, Suite 101
Boise, ID 83704

We are also more than happy to accept money orders, checks, and purchasing/procurement cards issued by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us toll-free at 1-866-448-8229.

Have a question not answered on this page? Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer any additional questions you may have.

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