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Planning For A Greenhouse
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Rion Greenhouse Placement Suggestions

Choosing your greenhouse location is one of the first steps to the planning process.
When evaluating your options, consider the following recommendations:

  • The most ideal sunlight transmission will be obtained if the greenhouse is on the south side of the school with an east-west orientation.

  • Putting the greenhouse near deciduous trees if possible will provide partial shade in the summer and allow for maximum sunlight in the winter.

  • If your area is prone to high winds, placing the greenhouse near buildings, fences, berms, or trees will help protect it from gusts.

  • Stay clear of bright lights that will shine at night (ie, stadium, parking lots, high traffic areas where headlights will shine).



We recommend our
Rion Base Kit

Rion Greenhouse Base Kit


- Easy and Quick Installation
- Not a Permanent Fixture
- It can easily be relocated or lengthened in the future.
- Can Be Backfilled With Pea Gravel
- Great For Drainage
- Predrilled holes for attaching Duckbill Anchor Kits
(suggested for windy areas)


- Build a wood base that the greenhouse can be bolted to and bury it.
- Bolt directly to a concrete pad
- Bolt directly to a wood decking surface

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