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rion prestige greenhouse

Rion Prestige Greenhouse

The Rion Prestige greenhouse offers double doors, clear side panels, and light-diffusing polycarbonate roof panels which helps regulate temperatures. Available in sizes from 8x8 to 8x16.

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rion ecogrow
Rion Hobby Gardener Greenhouses

Rion Hobby Gardener Greenhouses provides UV protection, proper air circulation, heat control and push-fit assembly. The barn-shape design gives more headroom and growing space than the traditional "A" shape greenhouse. Fully insulated with 4mm polycarbonate.
Rion EcoGrow Greenhouse

Slimmed down by 2 feet on the sides, to 6.5 feet to help it fit into a narrower yard or growing area. The frame is constructed from plastic and held together with push-n-fit plastic connectors. Also included are 6mm twin walled polycarbonate side panels which offer strength and warmth.
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rion prestige greenhouse
rion green giant greenhouse
Rion Prestige Greenhouses

The Rion Prestige is for serious hobby gardeners. They feature a roof height of 8' and a door frame height of 6' 9", making them the largest Rion Greenhouses yet. The Prestige greenhouses feature clear/side panels for the pleasure of viewing from inside or out.
Rion Green Giant Greenhouses

The Rion Green Giant has the same framework as the Prestige, but features Light-diffusing polycarbonate side panels instead of clear side panels. They have a roof height of 8' and a door frame height of 6' 9", which gives plenty of room to work and grow.

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